Our Learning Approach / Curriculum

A teaching methodology based on a combination of Montessori and Play way method focuses on active and experiential learning. Child-centric curriculum with activities in accordance to their age and stage with help of audio–visual concepts, worksheets, shape sorters, flash Cards, theme parties and co-relating objects helps in maximizing the opportunity for child growth and development. It is a well researched and child initiated approach for teaching.

Key Development Areas

1. Social and Emotional Development
Pretend play, Role play, School Visit, Sharing Day, Hide and Seek, Individual Vs Group play, Interactive Sessions and House Parties.
Our amiable environment, empathic and sensitive staff helps the child to overcome their fears.
2. Physical Development
Outdoor Activities - Variety of Slides, Ball Pool, See - Saw, Jungle Gym, Trolley Chairs, Splash Pool, Humpty Dumpty scoot races, Tyre – rolling, Running, Dance and Morning Assembly.
Indoor activities- Toys, Making Blocks, Trampoline, Maze, Jumping Games, Aim the Bean Bag, Puppet Show, Scribbling, Tearing and Crushing Paper.
3. Communication & Language Development
Vocabulary building, Songs, Music and Movement, Story Telling, Picture Reading etc.
4. Cognitive Development
Memory Games
Introduction to new skills like Grouping, Identifying Objects, Pictures and Textures.
Play Dough, Puzzles, Creative Games, lace & Beads, Stacking Drums etc.
5. Creative arts
Vegetables, thumb, finger, ear bud and leaf printing.
Sand water play
Paper crushing
Cotton dabbing
Craft and drawing
Messy painting and coloring
Blow and spray painting
Tear and paste
Paper folding
Use of paint and brush